OurĀ single origin Ceremonial Grade Cacao is obtained from premium Criollo cacao beans grown in Amazonian Peru, an ancient environment of the sacred Theobroma Cacao tree.

This part of the world produces exceptional cacao beans favoured by the best-known chocolatiers in the world.Ā 

Cacao datesĀ back as far as 3000 years where it was used mainly by Inca and Mayan tribes as a sacred medicine.Ā 

Cacao is chocolate in its purest form and is popular with those who are looking for a coffee alternative, those wishing to bring ritual into their daily livesĀ  or to share in Cacao Ceremonies which can be found all over the world.Ā 

Each cup of our Cacao is made using 100% Organic ingredients.

Community Love

We appreciate and love our community so much. Here are some of the beautiful words and experiences that have been shared with us.

Grounded soul

"Cacao was introduced into my life over a year ago as a coffee alternative and i've never looked back. It makes me feel so grounded and focused all day. "

-Pam, Kardinya, Western Australia

From coffee to Cacao

"I have never felt so good since adding CacaoĀ to my daily morning routine.Ā I am sleepingĀ much betterĀ & I am my moods are less erratic since getting off coffee! I will definitely beĀ back forĀ more!"

-Holly, Bull Creek, Western Australia

Cacao couple

Ā "I absolutely love your beautiful Cacao, my partner and I have been drinking it every morning since we tried ourĀ first cupĀ at the markets a few weeks ago."

-Lucy, Fremantle, Western Australia


LIMITED EDITION "Cacao Lovers" Gift Set 1 x 500g Organic Criollo Cacao & 1 x Handmade Cacao Vessel
500g Organic Criollo Cacao (all packaging is 100% compostable)
1kg Organic Criollo Cacao (all packaging is 100% compostable)