The perfect recipe for your daily hug in a mug. 


What you will need:

 + 180-200 ml Filtered Water/ milk of choice

+ 30 g Organic Cacao (approx. 3 tablespoons of roughly chopped cacao)

+ Sweetener of choice if desired (our recommendation is Organic coconut sugar)

To a small pot add all of the above ingredients, adjusting to your liking. 

Bring the pot to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally, until the contents begin to thicken slightly. Turn off the heat and allow to sit for 1-2 minutes while you select your vessel of choice.

Give this sacred elixir one final stir and taking a gentle breath in and out, maybe setting an intention for this moment or your day.

Pour into your chosen vessel, (if you have a milk frother then give your brew a little spin for extra bubbles!), find a quiet place to sit and enjoy.

Optional toppings:- sprinkle of true cinnamon (anti-inflammatory), sprinkle of organic cayenne pepper (spiritual accelerator) or 1 tsp organic coconut cream (simply pure indulgence)

If your feeling a little wild try experimenting with different toppings and additions to your elixir depending on your needs and desires. 

We would love to see your creations, please follow & tag us on your cacao journey via our social media account @the.mindfulmerchant.

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